Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sutter Amador Hospital is recognized for preventing patient falls

JACKSON, CA – Sutter Amador Hospital was recognized by CALNOC, the Collaborative Alliance for Nursing Outcomes, for performance excellence in preventing fall injuries.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for the countless ways we work to keep our patients safe in our care,” said Anne Platt, Sutter Amador Hospital CEO. “The safety of our patients and our staff is a top priority and I am proud of what our team has accomplished.”

In 2016, the hospital had zero falls that resulted in moderate or severe injury.

According to CALNOC, the hospital exemplifies dedication and commitment to quality patient care and safety by achieving excellence in preventing harm to patients.

“We didn’t have any serious falls in 2016 thanks to our fall risk assessment on all patients at admission,” said Kim Diaz, R.N., nurse manager of the critical care, progressive care and MedSurg departments. “While patient falls can be rare events, they often cause injuries and additional days the patient needs to stay in our care. This is a statistic that we worked very hard at, and are very proud of.”

For most hospitals, falls remain one of the most vexing patient-safety issues and Sutter Amador Hospital is proving that the right combination of technology, care processes and focus can reduce the number of falls significantly and, more importantly, the injuries to patients they often cause.

For patients that may be at risk for a fall, the hospital provides identifiable non-skid slippers, fall risk signage in the patient’s room, increased patient monitoring, bedside alarms and hourly rounding to make sure the patient has everything they need so as not to risk getting up or walking without supervision.

“We have a robust fall prevention program that monitors our patients at every shift and change in their condition,” said Kim. “We work as a team to identify, monitor and communicate with one another for the sole purpose of keeping our patients safe and comfortable during their time in our care.”

CALNOC is a non-profit corporation that aggregated close to 20 years of data, representing more than 2,000 patient units, over 94 million patient days and over 250,000 patient falls.

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