Friday, March 3, 2017

Welcoming newborns with new warmers at Sutter Amador Hospital thanks to community support

JACKSON, CA – Sutter Amador Hospital started using new Panda Warmers and wireless monitoring systems in the Family Birth Center thanks to generous community support and the proceeds from the Sutter Amador Foundation’s annual theme ball last fall.

“It was wonderful to see how this new technology impacts the patients of the Family Birth Center,” said Jody Boetzer, SAH senior development officer. “We are very grateful for the support of the community and the foundation to purchase and use this new equipment.”

The Panda Warmers provide thermoregulation in a quiet and stress free environment for new moms by eliminating nuisance alarms and providing easily controlled light levels. The state-of-the-art warmer technology bathes the newborn in soothing warmth while keeping moms cool and comfortable. They also feature a scale, heart rate and SpO2 monitors to provide nursing staff quick information without disturbing both baby and mom.

“We can turn the warmers on prior to delivery and have them warm and ready for when the baby arrives,” said Laura Cooper, RNC, manager of the Sutter Amador Hospital Family Birth Center. “These warmers offer the best technology providing us with timely data for our nurses and more bonding time for mom and baby, helping us achieve our mission of patient-friendly care.”

In addition to the Panda Warmers, the Family Birth Center also began using Monica Novii and Mini Telemetry wireless monitoring systems to allow more mobility and independence to new moms.

“The new technology allows our moms to be more comfortable and have more mobility, which really benefits our patients,” said Cooper. “Our first mom who used the wireless systems loved being able to walk, shower and care for her baby without restrictions.”

The Monica Novii wireless patch system can be attached effortlessly to mothers’ stomachs without cables and belts providing comfortable and reliable information.

"The new additions to the Family Birth Center for our moms and newborns would not be possible without the support of this community," said Boetzer.

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