Friday, November 21, 2014

Sutter Medical Foundation Opens Diabetes Program and Health Classes to Accept More Insurance Plans, Medicare

Local classes support diabetes management, weight management, pediatric nutrition
JACKSON. – Sutter Medical Foundation (SMF) announced during American Diabetes Month that more Amador County residents can now take advantage of local health and wellness classes through the expansion of the SMF Diabetes Program. This expansion opens the program to a variety of health care plans, including Medicare.
Previously, the SMF Diabetes Program was an exclusive benefit to Sutter Health patients. With the expansion of accepted health insurance plans, residents are encouraged to join the program even if they don’t have a Sutter physician. The program also goes beyond diabetes management; offering educational programs and support that can help manage existing health conditions and/or maintain an overall healthier lifestyle.
“We are always looking for ways to better serve the communities we work and live in,” said Patsy Andrews, RN, CDE. “Healthy communities have access to health and wellness classes that keep people out of the hospital and their doctor’s office as best as possible. The more resources like our diabetes program, the better the overall health of local Amador residents.”
Specifically, the diabetes program offers access to programs that go beyond diabetes treatment, such as:
·         Insulin management
·         Diabetes management during pregnancy
·         Individual counseling regarding celiac and Crohn’s disease,  weight management and pediatric nutrition, to name a few
·         Diabetes medication management and consultation
·         Nutrition education
·         A wide array of behavior modification classes on topics like pre-diabetes, low sodium diets and heart healthy eating
·         Sutter Options for Success (SOS) – a 12 week weight loss program

Local residents who have questions regarding their diabetes management should take advantage of the program, especially as November is American Diabetes Month. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please call toll free 1-877-899-8766.