Friday, June 28, 2013

Pool closure for maintenance at New York Fitness

If any of you have had a backyard pool or worked at a larger swimming pool, you have some idea as to the upkeep, daily, and annual maintenance involved.  It is time for the NYF pool to be completely drained, filters replaced, interior cleaned, lights replaced…this is, of course, a process that will take several days.  Water clarity, cleanliness, and proper chemical balance are of utmost importance so as to provide our members with an enjoyable water experience throughout the year.

Please be advised that the NYF pool will be closed at 5:00 pm - beginning Thursday, July 4th through Sunday, July 7th.  We anticipate the pool to be refilled, water heated,  be in proper chemical range, and ready for use on Monday morning, July 8th.  Sunday evening, with the advice of our maintenance staff, I will post a Facebook message (Nyfty Fitness) as to the open/closed status.  You could also contact the fitness desk Sunday evening or Monday morning to check in.  Simply call 223-3236 X 0.  

Obviously, no aqua classes nor Master’s swim classes will be held.  

Once we are back in operation you will still notice staining on the pool bottom.  This discoloration formed during the initial opening of the pool due to aluminum piping.  The only solution would be to close the pool for 3-4 weeks+ and do a total resurfacing of the pool interior.  We would hate to have it out of commission that long.  

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  J Have to have some water time….please visit the Jackson, Sutter Creek, or Plymouth public pools or take a trip to one of our beautiful Amador County Lakes or rivers.  

Happy 4th of July,                                                    

Natalie Ostergaard
Fitness Manager
New York Fitness
615 New York Ranch Rd.
Suite 1
Jackson, CA 95642

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