Friday, May 31, 2013

Sophia's Well of Wisdom - June 2013 Calendar

Local Dentists Return from Mission Trip to Dominican Republic

Over 700 People Treated; Church Built and Dedicated

Jackson, CA – Two local dentists, Dr. Craig Kinzer and Dr. Dwight Simpson from Jackson Creek Dental Group, along with their families, recently returned from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic where they performed general dentistry on over 700 kids in five days.

“These folks cannot afford to go to dental offices for fillings so we treated a lot of acute trauma, did fillings, root canals therapies, extractions and cleanings,” stated Dr. Kinzer.  “We were also joined by Dr. Jared Ruminson, DDS and Dr. Reginald Rice Jr., an ENT who performed a cleft palate surgery on a young boy while we were there.”

They went on the mission trip with a total of 55 people including their immediate families and members of their church, Placerville Seventh Day Adventist in Placerville.  Part of this group included 33 junior high and high school students.  While the dentists and some of the volunteers handled the dental clinic, others were building a church for the local people and conducting vacation bible school for 500+ children.  They also spent time at a local orphanage run solely on donations.  The group set up a recurring program to help run the orphanage, and the students spent the day with the orphaned kids bringing them clothes and toys and taking them to the park to play.  To give you a feel for the area they were in, armed guards were hired to protect them when they went out to play in the park.

 “This was such an emotional time for everyone,” said Dr. Simpson.  “We all got extremely attached to these kids, and the dedication of the church to the community the night before we left was very rewarding for everyone who attended.”

The group was also aided by three local students who were bilingual, and the local dentist, Dr. Samuel Pena.  A resident of the town let them use an unfinished house in the neighborhood to set up the dental clinic. Although they took their own portable dental units, chairs and generator with them, they struggled with consistent power outages, working in weather that was 95% humidity.  All of the dental supplies that were needed were donated by United States dental supply companies.

For more information contact Jackson Creek Dental Group at (209) 223-2712.

1. Drs. Kinzer and Simpson were part of the volunteer group who treated over 700 children in a clinic set up a local home in this Dominican Republic community.
2. After the church was completed, there was a dedication ceremony attended by the missionaries and local community members.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sutter Amador Hospital Diabetes Education Program Merits ADA Recognition

JACKSON, Calif. – The Outpatient Diabetes Education Program at Sutter Amador Hospital received continued recognition from the American Diabetes Association. The program, which was originally recognized in May of 2000, offers high-quality diabetes education services to patients from Amador County and the surrounding areas. 

The ADA Education Recognition effort is a voluntary process which assures that approved education programs, like the one at Sutter Amador Hospital, have met the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs. Programs that achieve recognition status have a staff of knowledgeable health professionals who can provide state-of-the-art information about diabetes management for participants.  

“Through our diabetes education program, patients with diabetes are taught the skills they need to manage their own diabetes,” says Program Medical Director Geraldine O’Shea, D.O.  “And, because we are recognized by the American Diabetes Association, patients and their providers can be confident knowing they are being cared for by professionals who have met and comply with National Standards.”
All diabetes education programs approved by the ADA cover the following topics as needed: diabetes disease process; nutritional management; physical activity; medications; monitoring; preventing, detecting and treating acute complications; preventing, detecting and treating chronic complications through risk reduction; goal setting and problem solving; psychological adjustment; and preconception care, management during pregnancy and gestational management. 

“Assuring high-quality education for patient self-care is one of the primary goals of our program,” says Sutter Amador Hospital Ancillary Services Director Kim Vagt. “With the knowledge, expertise, and commitment of our diabetes educators, patients are increasing their knowledge and awareness of diabetes allowing them to assume a major part of the responsibility for their diabetes management.” 

Patients from both Amador and Calaveras counties can take advantage of SAH’s ADA-recognized diabetes program by being referred by their health care provider. A monthly diabetes support group, which meets the fourth Thursday of each month at the hospital, is also available and is offered free to all members of the community. 

If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes or have been a person with diabetes for many years, call to learn about the newest up-to-date information on how to manage your diabetes. For more information about the Outpatient Diabetes Education Program at Sutter Amador Hospital, call (209) 223-7448.

Sutter Amador Hospital is a part of the Sutter Health network, caring for patients and families throughout a nine-county region and beyond. For more information, visit

Members of the Diabetes Oversight Advisory Committee consist of a medical director, diabetes educators, patients, community members, and interdisciplinary staff from various hospital departments. The Oversight Advisory Committee is a requirement for the program’s accreditation. The committee meets annually to discuss the accomplishments and goals of the program and give feedback on operations and performance. Pictured: Gretchen Carlson, Geralyn da Silva, Sandra Pietronave, Kim Vagt, Andre Pietries, Geraldine O’Shea, Laurie Webb, Tammy Magana, Maureen Mooney-Michels, Brenda Meyers, Sharon Quigley, Helen Keller, Dennis Sibilia

An Innovative 10 Week Weight-Loss System that is Not Based on Deprivation

On my weight loss journey (the ups and downs!) and as I continue to help others, I learn about weight-loss tips and programs that work and those that don't - especially for the long-term! And what can be challenging is all the conflicting information and get thin quick schemes out there - as well as actually sticking with a program that is too restrictive for the long-term. 

Making healthy life-style changes one step at a time and continually reminding yourself why your goal is important to you, is helpful in maintaining your motivation. For tips in changing a habit and sticking with your weight-loss goals visit: 

As I continue to study and discover the healthy weight-loss steps that are found in various programs, I get encouraged and want to share them with you. Look for my upcoming 10-week program coming later this summer based on the Slow Down Diet and Unleash Your Thin programs. I want to continue to research and lose more weight myself before I begin offering this program for you - so look for the class to begin Wednesday evenings in August.

I also post alot of research and suggestions in quick and accessible format to the Team Fitness facebook page. Take a moment and like us.

For now here is a quote from the promotional advertisement for the Unleash Your Thin program that helps you burn stubborn belly fat: 

"Why should I believe this program will help me burn fat and keep it off for good when so many other programs have failed?

This is the only program that I know of that teaches you how to control your impulses so that you can disempower the cravings that cause you to fall off the wagon and pack on the pounds. It’s much easier to avoid the foods you KNOW you shouldn’t be eating if you don’t have cravings in the first place. It’s not about willpower; it’s about eliminating those urges in the first place.

I’ve tried several low-carb programs before and found them too restrictive and too hard to stick to…is your program any different?

Yes, in two ways:
First, while it is a medical fact that you need to eat fewer carbs to unleash your fat burning enzyme, my eating plan is FAR more practical than what you’d find in other low-carb programs that require extreme – and totally unrealistic – carb restriction.
Second, you’ll be using the missing link – the primary thing that causes people to fall off the wagon – which is the impulse control system. This, I believe, will make sticking to the program FAR easier than any other program you’ve tried."

Stay tuned!

Cherie Maitland
Team Fitness
A Comfortable Place to Get In Shape
209-296-BFit (2348)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NAMI Amador teams raise over $4000 on NAMI Walk

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) affiliates across the US hold over 80 anti-stigma and fundraising walks each year. On April 27th, 2013, the Northern California NAMI Walk gathered more than 120 teams and 1500 walkers, raising $106,000 to date. This inspiring event with family members and people living with mental illness, plus friends, kids, and dogs were all united for the common cause of building awareness, step by step.

We understand the importance of increasing knowledge and reducing stigma around mental illnesses. Nearly 60 million Americans are affected by mental illness each year.  Through the Walks, we build support, share information on resources in the community and bring back our share to provide services to mental health consumers and families. Team Amador and Team Believe, our two Amador teams, raised $2528 and $1488, respectively.

The Northern California NAMI Walk site is open until June 24 for donations. Call NAMI Amador at 223-1485, X266 information about programs and services.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sutter Hospitals in Sacramento Region Earn Straight-A’s in Patient Safety by Hospital Safety Score

JACKSON, Calif. – The Sutter Amador Hospital Auxiliary recently donated $13,000 to Sutter Amador Hospital for the purchase of an ultrasound machine in the Intensive Care Unit.

 “Having an ultrasound machine dedicated to the ICU will enable specially trained nurses to place central lines, which will free up physicians and provide additional support for patients who are either critically ill or in need of IV nutrition,” said Intensive Care Unit Manager Kim Diaz, R.N., CCRN. “This was a much-needed gift, and we appreciate it!”

The Sutter Amador Hospital Auxiliary supports Sutter Amador Hospital’s mission by providing assistance throughout the hospital to staff, patients and families. Auxiliary members worked more than 18,000 hours in a variety of areas including the gift shop, thrift shop, concierge cart and information desk during their last fiscal year.

PHOTO: Sutter Amador Hospital Auxiliary President Cathy Smith presents a check to Sutter Amador Hospital CEO Anne Platt.

In addition, funds raised by the Auxiliary through their events, gift shop and thrift shop are invested back into the hospital to help purchase needed medical equipment. The ultrasound machine for the Intensive Care Unit is just one example of how their investments continue to make a difference in the lives of staff and patients at Sutter Amador Hospital. 

Community members interested in becoming a Sutter Amador Hospital Auxiliary member may call (209) 223-7500 or stop by the hospital for an application.

Sutter Amador Hospital is a part of the Sutter Health network, caring for patients and families throughout a nine-county region and beyond. For more information, visit

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Amador) - Tues May 28

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Amador)
The Amador County chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Amador)  is holding an affiliate meeting and support group on Tuesday, May 28th in the Oak View Conference Room (2nd floor in the Education Department) at Sutter Amador Hospital in Jackson from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.  From 6:45 to 8:00 pm we will conduct a confidential Support Group for family members and caregivers of those with mental illnesses.   For information call NAMI Amador (at ATCAA) 209-223-1485 Ex. 266.

Mother's Club of Amador County Yard Sale at Motherlode Holistic - Sat May 25

Summer at New York Fitness

“Get Fit – Stay Fit” Summer Membership Special @ New York Fitness
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New members and those whose NYF membership has lapsed 90 days + are eligible.
Offer valid through June 30th 

Wednesday evening “Deep Water” Aqua Class is moving…
Join NYF Aqua Instructor, Debbie Hansen, and “Beat the Heat”
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Need more ZUMBA in your life?
Special Saturday classes are scheduled for May 18 & 25 @ 8:30 am in the studio. 
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Racquetball Leader Board
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group Meeting - Tues May 14

The Amador County Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group will hold its regular meeting on Tuesday May 14, 2013 starting at 6:00 pm. The location is Sutter Amador Hospital in the Oakview Conference Room on the second floor
The group was formed to support men and their families and who wish to know more about Prostate Cancer. Meetings are open to all and includes men who have recovered from Prostate Cancer as well as those recently diagnosed, and those in treatment. The types of treatments range in scope from taking a watchful waiting active surveillance approach to radiation or surgery. Periodically meetings offer guest speakers, videos and updates on research
The meetings have information with regards to nutrition and prostate cancer. We encourage anyone who wants to learn more about cancer and nutrition to attend

For more information about the group and its meetings contact Jerry Trottier, 223-9133.

Thank You
Jerry Trottier

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jackson Power Walk - May/June Sessions

Fitness Made Fun Announces 1200 Miles for 2013!

The combined mileage for Fitness Made Fun's Walkers so far this year has just topped the 1200 MILE mark!

Way to go Strong and Healthy Walkers, I'm so proud of all of you!
This Tuesday we will begin our newest 4 week session.

If you have never attended our class or it's been a while –

Come on IN and join us.

You too can be part of the total mileage count!

We meet on Tues & Thurs at 5:15pm -
The Margaret Dalton Children's Center @ 975 Broadway in Jackson.

Your first class is FREE!
Upcoming 4 Week Session:
Tuesdays                    Thursdays
May 7                          May 9
Taking the week of May 13th off
May 21                        May 23
May 28                        May 30
June 4                          June 6

It's always a great day to WALK!