Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two competitors from Ko Sutemi West in Pine Grove win silver and bronze medals in 16th Irish Cup

Rhonda and William Lashbrook from the Ko Sutemi West in Pine Grove joined the AKJU Team America International Competition team for the 16th Irish Cup, held Dublin Ireland on Saturday, June 23rd 2012.  The 16th “Irish Cup” was held in Dublin’s National Basketball Arena, This is a multi-style event catering to Karate and JuJitsu, but it is open to all styles of martial arts. The competitors had the opportunity to compete in Grappling, Individual and team Katas, Individual and team Sparring, Weapons and Self Defense.

This year the team consisted of 23 competitors. The team had another outstanding day bringing home 27 Gold, 19 Silver and 18 Bronze medals; as well as 2 Grand Championships.

Rhonda competed in Kata and won a Silver medal. William competed in Kata and also won a Silver Medal. William also competed in Team Sparing and won a Bronze medal.

The A.K.J.U. TEAM AMERICA and A.K.J.U. ALL AMERICAN is a non-discriminating Certified Federation recorded with the United States of America, State of Ohio, Office of the Secretary of State, which is open to all styles, age and belt rank, giving them the opportunity to travel and compete internationally and still remain in their own Dojo system of Federation.

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