Thursday, August 16, 2012

WALK Schedule/Calendar

Next Thursday will end our 4 Week Session (2 mile classes). I am sending our new schedule of classes below. Please make note of these dates.

I am adding a week of classes in August (21 & 23). These will pay ($5.00) as you attend. They are not included in any session, it's just that I have an open week before we leave on vacation and wanted to fill it with a couple classes. These classes will be 45 minutes and 3 mile classes!

YES, we had a survey last night and EVERYONE voted to extend our current class..from 2 to 3 miles!! Way to go, Girls!! How wonderful. Of course IF you prefer to stay with the 2 mile class just let me know and I can assist you in slowing you down for a cool down while we continue on that last mile...It can work for you too!!

If you have any questions please let me know!

You'll also see that we have a 2 week break..but we'll start up strong on Sept. 11th.

Scroll down to get complete calendar:

Walk Live With Fitness Made Fun!                                                                
Margaret Dalton-First 5 Center
975 Broadway, Jackson
Attention: By popular demand – Our classes will now be 45 minutes of FUN!
Adding the following additional week of classes (before my upcoming 2 week vacation):
Tuesday & Thursday
Aug. 21        Aug. 23
($5.00 per class--- pay only as you attend these 2 classes)
Our NEW 4 Week Session:
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5:15 PM
Sept. 11                Sept 13
Sept. 18                Sept. 20
Sept. 25                Sept. 27
Oct. 2                    Oct. 4
$40.00 for the 4 week session  (8 classes)
OR pay $7.00 per class
Please “LIKE” us on Facebook! Walk Live With Fitness Made Fun!
Beth Sands,
Certified Walk Leader
Phone or Text: (209) 471-8792

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