Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sutter Amador Hospital hosts classes for those considering a joint replacement

JACKSON, CA – Sutter Amador Hospital will begin offering a new total joint replacement class for any members of the community who have joint pain or are considering a joint replacement surgery in the future.

“We understand people have several concerns when it comes to having a major surgery and we are here to address all of them,” said Jodi Porteous, R.N., surgical nurse at Sutter Amador Hospital. “This free class is an opportunity for people to meet with our care teams on an individual level to answer questions, provide a plan for recovery and ensure their comfort with the operation.”

The class covers a wide variety of topics from the admission process, physical therapy, pain management and how to prepare your home and caregiver for a successful recovery.

“Our goal is to help make you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible before going into a procedure.” said Anne Platt, CEO of Sutter Amador Hospital. “At Sutter Amador Hospital you can be sure our team of surgeons, physicians and nursing staff are committed to surgical excellence and quick recoveries to get our patients back to the lives they love.”

Whether your procedure is scheduled or you plan to have a joint replacement in the future, the hospital’s multidisciplinary team of nurses, physical therapists, dieticians and physicians will provide a broad education of the procedure and the tools and education needed for a quick recovery. The class materials will focus on helping prepare you and your loved one for joint replacement surgery by familiarizing you with pre and post-operative procedures.

“We believe it is equally important to educate the caregiver and the patient together on what to expect,” said Patrick Osgood, M.D., board certified orthopedic surgeon with Surgical Affiliates. “Our skilled surgical team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for our patients and their families.” 

Registration is required. To sign up for the class, please call the Sutter Amador Hospital Surgery Department at 209-223-7420 or visit to register for the class online.

This free class is available to anyone in the community who has joint pain or is considering a joint replacement surgery in the future.

Classes are held the third Monday of each month.
First class begins on April 16. Registration is required to attend.        
 Sutter Amador Hospital
 200 Mission Blvd., Jackson, Multi-Conference Room

We understand that most people have questions and concerns before going into surgery. Our staff want to help educate and prepare you for a joint replacement surgery by familiarizing you with our procedures and goals for your recovery. The class is designed to help alleviate any stress or anxiety you or your loved ones might have about the procedure.

For more information about joint replacement and other surgical services offered at Sutter Amador Hospital, visit

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