Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sutter Amador Nurse Creates Educational Experience for Generations of Women

JACKSON, CA – For expecting moms, there is a plethora of information from books, magazines and apps on newborn care, and let’s not forget about advice from grandmothers-to-be.

Diane Hosmer, R.N. (pictured below) at Sutter Amador Hospital, saw firsthand the difference in newborn information that is provided now compared with 10 years ago. She decided she wanted to help bridge the gap by creating Grandmother Tea, an event that invites expecting moms and their moms to an afternoon tea to provide the latest information in newborn care while celebrating motherhood.

Diane Hosmer, R.N. at Sutter Amador Hospital
“Grandmother Tea is a celebration, and most importantly, an opportunity to educate generations of women on the best practices in infant care,” said Hosmer, R.N, and pediatric nurse for more than 17 years. “It’s a time when we are available to answer questions, provide clarity and guidance, and create emotional connections to new grandmothers and mothers in a fun environment before the baby arrives.”

Hosmer received support from the hospital to launch the educational program in October 2015 and has since hosted three events for more than 100 participants. At the recent Grandmother Tea on April 8, expecting moms and their moms learned information ranging from safe sleeping and breastfeeding to cue-based feeding and baby-wearing while bonding over tea, sandwiches and desserts.

“The event is just as much educating the grandmothers as it is the new moms,” said Hosmer. “Grandmothers spend a lot of time caring for the infant or providing advice to the new mom. In my position, I see how much things have changed in the past 10 to 15 years in information that we were providing new moms to what their own mothers were taught. Grandmother Tea allows us to educate both women and each topic touches the participants in a different way.”

The Amador County area and Sutter Amador Hospital welcome more than 25 newborns each month, roughly a kindergarten class, and Hosmer’s is the first in the Sutter Health system to host a Grandmother Tea event that focuses on hospital experts educating grandparents in infant care.

As a grandmother herself, Hosmer understands the strengthening and support role only a grandmother can provide. “The event provides an avenue for some of the new grandmothers to start a conversation about how they provided care to their daughters and it is really quite special,” said Hosmer.

“We had a grandmother of 21 grandchildren who attended with her daughter-in-law and she loved the class,” said Anne Platt, Sutter Amador Hospital CEO. “Diane has created a very successful and unique program that engages and educates both moms and grandmothers.”

Similar to a baby shower, each grandmother and mother left with armfuls of gifts, including local resources and information to take home thanks to Sutter Amador Hospital and community sponsors: Amador-Calaveras Breastfeeding Coalition, First 5 Amador, WIC, Calaveras Public Health and Amador Public Health.

The next Grandmother Tea event is October 14 but the hospital hosts several childbirth education classes for both new moms and new dads each month. For additional information please visit www.sutteramador.orgor call 209-223-7452.

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