Tuesday, October 15, 2013


TAI CHI! "Open Tai Chi Night" – Mon Oct 28 at 6PM in Pine Grove (20200 Hwy 88, Pine Grove. A night where anyone who is curious about Tai Chi is welcome to come check it out free of charge and everyone is welcome to bring friends and family.
This one night will be open to anyone who wants to do Tai Chi. Even if you aren't sure what Tai Chi is and you just want to give it a try, this night is for you.
Starting at 6:00pm our open Tai Chi night is just that, open, to everyone, free of charge. If you want to try Tai Chi if you have friends that want to try Tai Chi, if you want to start your family on an exercise program you can all work on together (that will help manage your stress, bring balance to mind and body, and bring your family closer together) come by, bring your friends, and enjoy an evening of low-impact, meditative, exercise.

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