Monday, August 26, 2013

Walk Classes begin this week!

We're on for next week for classes

Calendar below -
Please scroll down and make note of the dates

Congratulations to our Perfect Attendance Gals:
Carolyn and Candi!

(Candi added miles and classes by attending BOTH of the St. Katherine classes!) :)

A great big thank you to
Candi, Beverly, and Ileshia
For attending the trial classes at St. Katherine.
I appreciated your support, more than you'll know!

Our mileage for this month totaled: 302
For a grand total of 2079 MILES this year...
Way to Walk Yourselves HEALTHY, Ladies!

OK - Here's the upcoming calendar

Power Walk Calendar
For Fitness Made Fun

Margaret Dalton Children’s Center (Amador First 5)
975 Broadway, Jackson 

Upcoming 4 Week Session:
Tuesdays                    Thursdays
Aug. 27               Aug. 29
Sept 3                 Sept 5
Sept 10               Sept 12
Sept 17               Sept 19

It's always a great day to WALK!

Beth Sands,
Certified Walk Leader
Phone or Text: (209) 471-8792

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