Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jackson Power Walk - May/June Sessions

Fitness Made Fun Announces 1200 Miles for 2013!

The combined mileage for Fitness Made Fun's Walkers so far this year has just topped the 1200 MILE mark!

Way to go Strong and Healthy Walkers, I'm so proud of all of you!
This Tuesday we will begin our newest 4 week session.

If you have never attended our class or it's been a while –

Come on IN and join us.

You too can be part of the total mileage count!

We meet on Tues & Thurs at 5:15pm -
The Margaret Dalton Children's Center @ 975 Broadway in Jackson.

Your first class is FREE!
Upcoming 4 Week Session:
Tuesdays                    Thursdays
May 7                          May 9
Taking the week of May 13th off
May 21                        May 23
May 28                        May 30
June 4                          June 6

It's always a great day to WALK!

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