Friday, May 24, 2013

An Innovative 10 Week Weight-Loss System that is Not Based on Deprivation

On my weight loss journey (the ups and downs!) and as I continue to help others, I learn about weight-loss tips and programs that work and those that don't - especially for the long-term! And what can be challenging is all the conflicting information and get thin quick schemes out there - as well as actually sticking with a program that is too restrictive for the long-term. 

Making healthy life-style changes one step at a time and continually reminding yourself why your goal is important to you, is helpful in maintaining your motivation. For tips in changing a habit and sticking with your weight-loss goals visit: 

As I continue to study and discover the healthy weight-loss steps that are found in various programs, I get encouraged and want to share them with you. Look for my upcoming 10-week program coming later this summer based on the Slow Down Diet and Unleash Your Thin programs. I want to continue to research and lose more weight myself before I begin offering this program for you - so look for the class to begin Wednesday evenings in August.

I also post alot of research and suggestions in quick and accessible format to the Team Fitness facebook page. Take a moment and like us.

For now here is a quote from the promotional advertisement for the Unleash Your Thin program that helps you burn stubborn belly fat: 

"Why should I believe this program will help me burn fat and keep it off for good when so many other programs have failed?

This is the only program that I know of that teaches you how to control your impulses so that you can disempower the cravings that cause you to fall off the wagon and pack on the pounds. It’s much easier to avoid the foods you KNOW you shouldn’t be eating if you don’t have cravings in the first place. It’s not about willpower; it’s about eliminating those urges in the first place.

I’ve tried several low-carb programs before and found them too restrictive and too hard to stick to…is your program any different?

Yes, in two ways:
First, while it is a medical fact that you need to eat fewer carbs to unleash your fat burning enzyme, my eating plan is FAR more practical than what you’d find in other low-carb programs that require extreme – and totally unrealistic – carb restriction.
Second, you’ll be using the missing link – the primary thing that causes people to fall off the wagon – which is the impulse control system. This, I believe, will make sticking to the program FAR easier than any other program you’ve tried."

Stay tuned!

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