Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New York Fitness: Spring Fitness Focus - April 2013

Fitness Focus @ NYF
Extended hours begin April 1st!  The pool will remain open until close each evening (Monday-Thursday 10pm), and gym hours will expand to 9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Evening “Deep Water” Group Exercise Returns!  Join Instructor, Debbie Hansen, Monday & Wednesday at 5:30 pm for a low impact, total body water workout utilizing the aqua jogger floatation belts.  Enjoy full range of motion fitness with less impact and stress on joints, as well as all muscles active and engaged!

Saturday 50/50 H20 will begin at 9:30 am starting April 6thGet up, get moving, and get your workout in with more time to enjoy the rest of your weekend activities.  Kelly, Debbie, Natalie and Ildi will share the instruction to keep you challenged and motiviated with a different workout plan each week. 

For a schedule of all group exercise classes indoors and out…see the attached class calendars for April 2013.
All classes are included with your NYF membership. 

“Dynamo Foods!” Nutritious alternatives that enhance your active lifestyle.  Specializing in raw nut puddings, pates with flax & pumpkin seeds crackers, delicious salads, quinoa dishes and healthy snacks! 
Grab-n-Go selections available daily from the case.  Made to order salads, green smoothies and treats will be available in the kitchen:  Monday & Tuesday 11am-2pm, as well as Thursdays 1-3pm.  Visit Dynamo Foods owner, Lyn Owen at NYF and Like Dynamo Foods on Facebook.

Try Wallyball…(volleyball inside a racquetball court) for non-stop action! Court and net set up Sunday afternoons.  Personal Trainer, Laura Clark, and Sunday staff, Kevin Tremelling, can offer helpful hints on wallyball success and rules of the game.

Weekend workouts only $6.00!  Discount day passes available Saturday and Sundays after 2pm.  Discover all that New York Fitness has to offer!!

Private Racquetball Lessons available: USAR coach, Mauricio Del Pozo, can help take your game to the next level.  One hour lesson only $40.  Contact Natalie for more information.   

NYF has tanning!  Unlimited month packages available:  $27.50 for members – non-members $38.50.  Get your spring glow in just 12 minutes in our comfortable stand-up tanning booth. 

Gift certificates available for all gym services…membership, massage therapy, personal training and tanning! 

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