Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Express Workout & Stretch Classes at Team Fitness And a Dozen More!

Do you want to do aerobics, tone and strengthen plus have fun too - all in a small group format taking 45 minutes or less?

What about a gentle stretch class - good for beginners and experienced exercisers alike and all ages!

Here is our schedule for our Express (45-minute) and Express Shape Up (30-minute) Classes:

    Monday 5 - 5:45pm   
    Wednesday Noon - 12:45pm
    Wednesday 5 - 5:30pm
    Thursday Noon - 12:45pm
    Friday 5 - 5:30pm
    Friday 6 - 6:45pm

And for the Stretch Classes:

    Tuesday 10 - 10:40am
    Tuesday 3 - 3:40pm 
    Thursday 10 - 10:40am
    Thursday 5 - 5:40pm 

Cost is $45 month with no initiation fee or contract to take 3 classes per week. And even better than that you can come FREE for a week to find out what you like. We also offer Open Gym Workouts - prices starting at $24/month or $4 per visit with a 10-session pass.

Here is a list of all of our ongoing exercise classes and our special programs too.

* Boot Camp: Variety of strength training, cardio intervals & core strengthening. Challenge yourself!
Cardio Kickboxing: Punching, kicking & cardio intervals will give you an awesome workout!
Circuit & Lift: Alternate aerobic workout stations with strength training. Lots of variety & fun!
Express: 45-minutes jam-packed with upbeat music, aerobics, strength-training & stretching.
Express Shape-Up Program: 30 mins of multi-tasking exercises of aerobics & muscle-strengthening.
Faith & Fitness: Non-denomination devotional time & 30 mins circuit training. Time for Fellowship.
8-Week Fitness For You: Small group personal fitness training + ideas for healthy eating, exercise & . . .
Golden Girls: Gentle exercise program for seniors. Build strength & flexibility, improve balance.
Shape & Strengthen: Tone your body from head to toe in this class that goes by quickly!
Stretch: 40 mins of stretching your whole body slowly & gently. Great for us as we age.
Team Weight-Loss:Weekly support group & guidance for healthy eating/exercise. Help to stay on track!
7-Week Healthy Weight-Loss Class: A sit-down educational program & support on how to step-by-step change your eating & exercise habits. Includes free weekly exercise class or open-gym workout.
Zumba Gold: Zesty Latin music & fun geared for the active older adult. Class moves at your own pace.
Zumba Plus Circuit: Combines the Latin-inspired moves of Zumba with circuit strength-training.

Won't you try out Team Fitness in Pine Grove next to the Post Office and support a great place to workout and get in shape for the upcountry folks - men and women of all ages!

Please let your friends know!


Cherie Maitland

Team Fitness
A Comfortable Place to Get In Shape
209-296-BFit (2348)

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