Monday, July 16, 2012

From Walk Live: Jackson Walk Live Classes

Hello Walkers!
It’s official!  We WILL be offering a 4 week session of our Walk “LIVE” classes in Jackson at the Margaret Dalton Children’s Center! I am really excited and so looking forward to working out with all of you.
   The upcoming session will begin the week after next. The current Tuesday & Thursday 5:15 pm schedule will remain.
The new session schedule is as follows:
                Tuesdays                                             Thursdays
                July 24                                                   July 26
                July 31                                                   Aug. 2
                Aug. 7                                                   Aug. 9  
                Aug. 14                                                 Aug. 16

The cost will be $40.00 (8 classes at $5.00 per class) for the 4 week session. Or “Walk-In’s” are always welcome at $7.00 per class.

Information you should know for this upcoming week:
·         Tuesday we will begin taking signups & payment for the 4 week session. Remember, if you are one of the first 10 to sign up, you will receive a FREE Resistance Band! (If you have already purchased a band and are one of the first 10 – you can choose to receive another band OR have that credit toward your class tuition).
·         Please SIGN IN as you enter class each day. This is very important for my book-keeping. I keep track of everyone’s attendance days and your miles!
·         We will be drawing our winners for the FREE raffle prizes this Thursday (19th), so please make sure you enter the drawing when you sign in!  One entry per person, per class.
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and attendance this past week. I’m looking forward to continuing these classes for as long as you want to Walk yourselves Strong, Walk yourselves Healthy, and Walk yourselves Happy!


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